Professional License Verification

Licensing standards can differ widely from state to state. Also, the fields and occupations which states require to be licensed may differ widely. Some states may require a written examination for a license, while others may require several years of field experience as a student or intern.

In the United States, the state governments have jurisdiction for issuing most professional licenses to individuals and corporations. Fields that are regulated and licensed vary among individual states. Among regulated fields are health care professionals (medical doctors, nurses); psychologists; lawyers; teachers; engineers; social workers, occupational therapists, architects; tradesmen (plumbers and electricians), and certain service industry workers (bartenders; massage therapists and barbers).

It is now possible to verify an individual state license in all states online, via websites set up by each state government, by different agencies. Some private websites provide links to all such databases, in one location.

Why do you need Professional License Verification?

It is important to conduct a Professional Licensing Verification by state. A Professional License is verified with the federal or state agency that issued the license. Some of the records are available online and other records are only available through telephone, email or written requests and are not easily accessible.

Credential Research's® Professional License Verification Services:

Credential Research helps you discover if the applicant has been licensed, if any occurrence of restrictions or violations and determine if the license is in good standing or has been expired or revoked. The license type and its status, number, issued date and expiry date restrictions are included in the report. This verification is ideal for the health care, educators, CPAs and attorneys.