Employment Verification

Employment History Verifications are conducted by contacting previous employers to verify an applicant’s job title, tenure, and salary claims. Work History Verifications are an important part of a thorough background check.

An Employment History Verification is sometimes referred to as an Employment History Background Check or a Work History Verification. Reference Checks (obtaining a personal or professional reference) and Employment Searches (determining current and/or past employers) are part of the Employment Verification process.

Why do you need to perform Employment Verification?

There are many reasons applicants falsify their credentials when seeking employment. Confirming previous employment helps employers determine the validity of the resume and if the applicant's credentials fit the job requirements. Prior work history is a good predictor of future performance. An Employment History Check verifies title, tenure, and salary claims. Reasons for leaving and eligibility for rehire are also confirmed. Potential problem areas may be revealed. The Employment History Verification report helps confirm whether the applicant has the work history and experience needed to succeed in the job. It also provides an opportunity for prior employers to share their views of the applicant as an employee. Because of the frequency of exaggerated and fraudulent employment claims, this search is a good test of an applicant’s honesty.

Sometimes past employers only verify minimal information but the information helps provide a good insight and acts as a critical and essential element in building a defense against negligent hiring. Recent studies show that between 46% and 53% of all resumes contain errors and falsehoods. With a tight job market and strong competition for every opening, job seekers often feel a compelling need to meet all the requirements in the job description – even if it means bending the truth or outright lying. There is no denying the fact that you need a background screen to know whether the image your candidate presents is valid.

Credential Research's® Employment Verification Services:

Credential Research® has a team of experts with years of experience to verify employment verifications. With our global network of employment verification experts, we help our clients in hiring professionals quickly. Our team helps our clients by verifying an applicant's current and previous work history, including dates of employment; job titles, responsibilities and reasons for leaving. Attendance, employee rating, eligibility for rehire are also provided if available along with other information if requested. We get the relevant information you need directly from the employers, so you hire only honest and truthful employees. We also conducts interviews with former employers (mostly HR or Payroll departments) and supervisors to verify each candidate’s work history and capabilities.

Note : Some employers may also use third-party verification services. A few use the office manager, owner, or former supervisor.

Credential Research® performs employment verification online and on-demand. Our employment verification process is integrated with our screening solutions. Employment verifications can be conducted worldwide and are obtained either directly with former employers or from their authorized agents.

Employment Verification service helps to:

  • Mitigate the risk of errors in verifying employment and cost of a bad hire.
  • Improve the process by demystifying and expediting the verification process.
  • Speed time to hire and reduce administrative costs.

As part of employment verification we also verify and perform Professional License and Personal References check.

Personal References:

Professional references help organizations gain an additional level of information on their applicant, beyond what is listed on their resume that can provide them greater insight to a person’s work ethic and abilities.

Key Benefits:

  • Can provide insight into a candidate's work ethic and character.
  • Can be used as another method of checking candidate integrity.

Our team is trained to go beyond vague and subjective references to perform truly insightful reference checks through interviews with candidates’ former supervisors, former co-workers and/or their friends. Professional reference checks round out the employment verification process. Valuable references checks adds to background screening, since former references can provide crucial insight into a candidate’s work ethic, character and integrity.