Credit Reports

A Credit Report contains credit history as reported to the credit reporting agency by lenders who have extended credit to an individual. The information in the credit report is also used to generate credit scores such as FICO® Scores.

A Credit Report lists the types of credit, the length of time the accounts have been open and whether payments have been made on time. It provides lenders with information that helps them determine the credit worthiness of an individual and also tells them whether an applicant is seeking new sources of credit. It gives lenders a broader view of credit history than other data sources, such as a bank's own customer data.

A Credit Report also includes information on where you live, and whether you’ve been sued or arrested, or have filed for bankruptcy.

Why do you need Credit Report Verification?

Credit Reports are valuable documents for accessing an applicant’s worthiness for a job. An accurate credit history report offers valuable insight into an applicant's sense of responsibility and financial track record. These considerations are important when hiring for financial services organizations and retail companies or for positions of fiscal responsibility. A good credit check is also an important consideration for property owners performing tenant screening.

Credit Reports cover:

  • Complete Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance and guidance
  • Recognizable names, previous names and aliases
  • Previous living addresses and previous employer information

A Credit Report reveals many aspects of applicant’s borrowing activities. All pieces of information should be considered in relationship to other pieces of information. The ability to quickly, fairly and consistently consider all this information is what makes credit scoring so useful. This is the value of Credit Report.

Credential Research's® Credit Reporting Services:

At Credential Research® we research applicant’s credit reports by both automated and manual methods. By retrieving information from all major credit bureaus, Credential Research's® credit history background checks can identify whether a candidate has any accounts in collections, open loans, inquiries made by third parties, or similar warning signs.

For any positions that deal with cash, credit, accounting or corporate functions, this search gives you the necessary insight into your applicant's financial responsibility. Credit history checks can be prudent supplements to a criminal records search, sex offender registry check and reference check. For internal or external positions where financial responsibility is paramount, we help you make smart selections to mitigate theft, fraud and other types of risk.