Tenant and Property Management

Any landlord likes to find tenants who pay rent on time, maintain the property clean and respect their neighbors. The property owners and managers needs to screen their applicants carefully in this challenging economy and with raising eviction rates.

Tenant Screening

The credit report is not sufficient to determine if the applicant can be a best fit for your rental property. It is crucial to avoid tenants who cannot pay rent on time, cause damage to the property and cause legal fees.

Tenant and Property Management Related Services at Credential Research®:


Our online web based interface makes it easy and seamless for our clients to perform quick checks on SSN verifications of potential candidates. Credential Research's® SSN verification services can help achieve significant goals in background check processing.

Credential Research's® SSN Verification tool provides the vital information about the candidate and also provides the date of issue of the SSN. Our Social Security number verification is processed in real time, which makes for a quick turnaround.


At Credential Research® we research applicant’s credit reports by both automated and manual methods. By retrieving information from all major credit bureaus, Credential Research's® credit history background checks can identify whether a candidate has any accounts in collections, open loans, inquiries made by third parties, or similar warning signs.

For any positions that deal with cash, credit, accounting or corporate functions, this search gives you the necessary insight into your applicant's financial responsibility. Credit history checks can be prudent supplements to a criminal records search, sex offender registry check and reference check. For internal or external positions where financial responsibility is paramount, we help you make smart selections to mitigate theft, fraud and other types of risk.


Credential Research's® solution for your Criminal Background check procedures and methods are developed by years of experienced researchers strictly utilizing State and Federal FCRA standards. Credential Research’s® online web based address history trace helps employers, renters, non-for profit organizations, communities, families and individuals ensure that the people they hire, rent-to, encounter and/or deal with not only have a legitimate social security number, but that the address they said they lived at and the legal name they claim to be all match the information returned in the address history trace and criminal history check results.


Credential Research(R) will help employers identify location information on sex offenders residing, working, and attending school not only in their own neighborhoods but in other nearby states and communities. In addition, the search provides visitors with information about sexual abuse and how to protect themselves and loved ones from potential victimization.


At Credential Research® we search all possible data sources to find the most accurate and up to date information for you. We search and prepare your requested driving record or motor vehicle report (MVR) corresponding to state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Secretary of State (SOS), Department of Revenue (DOR), Department of Public Safety (DPS), or Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).